MCYHA Requirements

The MCYHA is entirely volunteer-run and supported, without the assistance of any paid personnel. For this reason, each hockey family is required to fulfill a certain number of volunteer credits each season.

Our contract with Manitowoc County requires that we complete essentially all rink maintenance and services throughout the season. The association's success depends directly on its members.

Note: only families of 6U and older families are required fulfill volunteer duties. HIP families are exempt from these requirements.

Hours Requirements

The hours you are required to fulfill depends on the level of your oldest skater.

  • 6U (Mini-Mite): 10 Hours
  • 8U (Mites): 30 Hours
  • 10U-14U: 50 Hours

All families in this list are required to work at least:

  • 2 public skate shifts (concessions or pro-shop)
  • 2 game concessions shifts
  • 4 hours total from any hosted tournaments.

At the end of the season, any family that has not completed these requirements will be billed $20 per hour not completed.

  • Cancellation of volunteer shift is not allowed on the website within 3 days (72 hours) of the start of that shift.
  • Inside of that 3 day window, you are responsible to find a replacement if you know you cannot fulfill your shift. Your team manager or the Volunteer Coordinator can help, but it is up to you to ensure your shift is covered.
  • If you need to cancel, you can request cancellation on the website, and use your Crossbar team chat and other outlets like the MCYHA Family Facebook group to find a replacement.
  • If you do not show up for your shift, you will be billed $20 for the unfulfilled hour.


The following list defines the number of volunteer credits (hours) for each task.

Games/Tournaments (scoreboard, scoresheet, music, penalty box): 1 hour per shift

Concessions and Public Skate: Hour-for-hour (public skate is typically 2 hours)

Coaching (all coaching requirements are needed for on ice coaches Head, Assistant & Parent)

  • Head Coach: Complete hours fulfilled (credits granted at end of season). Family must still complete public skate, concessions & special event hours for all levels of coaching.
  • Assistant Coach:
  • For 10u-14u, Head coaches are authorized to fulfill volunteer requirements for up to 3 named assistants for each team. As part of this fulfillment, the named assistants are expected to help with 4 or more sessions of HIP and be present for 3/4 of all practices and games. If not met, they will be considered to achieve the parent coach requirements
  • 8U Mites head coaches are allotted 30 hours to grant to assistants, up to 10 hours per coach.
  • Parent Coaches:
  • For 10u-14u, Head Coaches are authorized to grant up to 40 hours to parent coaches, with no more than 20 hours awarded to each assistant.

Team Manager: 20 hours

Concessions Operations, HIP Coordinator, Head Scheduler, Registrar, Tournament Director, Other Committee Chairs: 20 hours

Event/Tournament Committee: 10 hours

Boards & Ice Setup and/or Removal: Hour-for-hour

Olympia (Resurfacing) Operation: 0.5 hour per shift. Some events (tournaments) will be hour-for-hour if they require a resurfacer to remain on-site. NOTE that resurfacing requires signing the liability waiver.

Pro Shop: 0.5 hour per shift

HIP Registration: 0.5 hour per shift

Parade Participation: 1 hour per family per parade if MCYHA participation is organized by the events committee.

Additional opportunities will be posted on the website as they arise, with the Board making final decisions on credits awarded.

In order to receive credit for volunteer shifts completed, you must claim the volunteer assignment through the website. In some cases a shift may not have been listed on the website (e.g. additional ice preparation, skate sharpening, last-minute substitutions or covering for no-shows), please submit such shifts via the Volunteer Hours form to request credit.

Volunteer Registration

For Volunteering positions that require interaction with our youth athletes, please follow the steps below to register. These are also detailed on the volunteer registration page, found here. These positions include team manager, locker room attendee, on ice HIP helpers and board of directors.

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