The following describes the registration process in detail. Further information on adding a player to your account and applying the USA Hockey Number to the account can be found here.

Step 1: Participation Agreement

The below link is the MCYHA participation agreement. This agreement covers policies and requirements for the following that must be reviewed, agreed to and signed during registration:

  • adherence
  • registration
  • payment & refunds
  • Locker room conduct & monitoring
  • mixed gender teams
  • electronic devices, usage and social media
  • reporting
  • communications

Step 2: USA Hockey Registration

Before you can register your player with us, you MUST have a current USA Hockey confirmation number (see link below). These are only valid for 1 year and you must register your player with USA Hockey ever year to get a new confirmation number.

There is a fee for USA Hockey that is separate from the MCYHA registration fee. They will also collect the association (WAHA) fee at that time.

The confirmation number will be in the format of "123456789SMITH" (9 digits followed by the first 5 letters of your last name).

You may need to wait 15-30 minutes for your USA Hockey membership to be visible from our system.

Step 3: Add Player to Your Account

Once you have your USA Hockey confirmation number, you need to add your player as a Participant under your Crossbar account. Once you are logged into your Crossbar account on our website, click on "Account" in the upper left, and then on the giant PLUS under "Participants". Add their first name, last name and birthdate. You can optionally add an image. Then click "Save".

Step 4: Link USA Hockey Membership

Now, you should be back at your Account page.

Under your players name, click on their profile. Next, under the "Memberships" section, click on "+ Add Membership". For Association, select "USA Hockey". Now, enter the Confirmation Number under the "Membership Number" section. Crossbar will verify the number with USA Hockey.

As mentioned earlier, you may need to wait 15 minutes or so for Crossbar to be able to find your number. Once complete, you should see the USA Hockey membership listed under Memberships with an expiration date of August 31 of next year.

Step 5: MCYHA Registration

Once USA Hockey registration is complete and the MCYHA registration is open (typically after July 1st), you will be able to register for HIP (learn to play) or Youth Hockey.

Please register your oldest player first! This will help keep volunteer hour requirements correct as some age groups have different requirements.

Repeat for Each Player

Repeat these steps for each player you plan to register under you account. Note that you will have to pay after each player's registration. We understand this might be confusing. However, your payment information will be saved so you shouldn't have to re-enter the information every time.

Multi-Player Discount

If you are registering multiple players for Youth Hockey, you can take advantage of our multi-player discount by entering discount code "MULTIKID" during registration of your 2nd (and beyond) player. This will apply a $30 discount off of each registration.

Please be sure to NOT use the discount code on the first (or only) registration. All registrations are reviewed and improper use of the discount code will be charged back

Late Registration Fee

Be sure to register as soon as possible! On August 1st, the price for registration for all age groups will go up $50.

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