Be Ready for Registration!

First, be sure to register your player with USA Hockey and get your Confirmation Number. This will be in the format of "123456789SMITH" (9 digits followed by the first 5 letters of your last name).

Once you have your USA Hockey confirmation number, you need to add your player as a Participant under your Crossbar account. Once you are logged into your Crossbar account on our website, click on "Account" in the upper left, and then on the giant PLUS under "Participants". Add their first name, last name and birthdate. You can optionally add an image. Then click "Save".

You should be back at your Account page. Under your players name, click on their profile and then under the "Memberships" section, click on "+ Add Membership". For Association, select "USA Hockey" and then enter the Confirmation Number under the "Membership Number" section. Crossbar will verify the number with USA Hockey. You may need to wait 15 minutes or so for Crossbar to be able to find your number. Once complete, you should see the USA Hockey membership listed under Memberships with an expiration date of August 31 of next year.

Repeat these steps for each player you plan to register under you account.

If you are planning to coach, you'll need to do these same steps for yourself as well.