2024 Board Election

Meet The Candidates

There are four seats on our board that need to be filled for the upcoming season. These are three year positions. We encourage all members to engage in the forthcoming election to select the individuals who will occupy these seats. Your participation is vital in guiding the path our organization takes. Please take the time to get to know the candidates by reading their bios found below. The nine candidates are presented in alphabetical order.

Voting for the MCYHA 2024 Board Election will occur from March 24th through March 31st. Winners will be announced at the annual meeting on April 2nd at the Manitowoc County Ice Center. If you haven't registered to receive a ballot, please contact us here.

Mark Hinz

I have enjoyed my years working as a coach, volunteer and serving on the MCYHA Board. I’m proud to help work to develop and promote our organization and the sport of hockey. My goal for this program is to increase the exposure and awareness of youth hockey, promote this exciting sport and continue to develop our players to provide a high level of competitive hockey players from our beginning skaters through to our high school program. If given the privilege of continuing to serve on the board I would like to continue to work on making positive changes and improvements that keep things fair, fun and competitive for the kids. We have some good systems in place, but we can continue to improve and provide a fun, challenging and rewarding hockey experience for the kids in our community. I am excited at the potential I see in our upcoming youth players. I would be grateful to continue as a Board Member to help make hockey a top choice for our areas young athletes.  

Micah Hoffman

My name is Micah Hoffman and I’m a second year hockey parent and team manager. In a short time span, my son has grown to love the game of hockey. This is a direct result of the passionate MCYHA members. 

I believe I would be a strong contributor to our board as I offer two opposite perspectives. I am still a fairly new hockey parent and MCYHA member. I remember walking into our first practice and asking someone how to put on all the equipment. It was nerve racking and intimidating. As a relative neophyte, I can call on that experience and hopefully help strengthen the process of onboarding and recruitment.

In contradiction, I am not new to the intricacies of managing and overseeing large youth organizations. As a Public High School Administrator for seven years, I know how to lead a multi-faceted institution, while working with a wide variety of contributors (and opinions) in an effort to grow, improve and strengthen the whole.

More importantly, the MCYHA has already granted my family a large amount of joy, and I would like to be part of that same experience for others in our community.

Jim Johnson

My name is Jim Johnson and I am interested in joining the MCYHA Board to help the club where my talents are better suited, which I feel is with the administrative aspects of the club. The biggest issue that I would like to work on and something that I think needs immediate attention is communication from the board and administrators with the parents and the community. I would like to establish resources for parents to access that includes every detail they will need to know to fully enjoy their experience with Manitowoc hockey, and help remove some of the stigma associated with starting out in hockey. 

I have been in the Manitowoc area and employed by Point Beach Nuclear Plant for 25 years. I have served as a volunteer in multiple positions from treasurer to president on the boards of the Valders Basketball Club and the Valders Youth Football Association. My desire to help the club comes from watching my son Declan Johnson blossom in the sport after one year of Squirt and one year in Pee Wee. Neither of my other two children have taken to or enjoyed any sport as much as Declan loves hockey. I am hoping to be elected to the board so I can I do my part to improve the club and ensure kids like my son can keep enjoying hockey in Manitowoc for years to come.

Forest La Fave

My name is Forest La Fave. I am a young, enthusiastic mother of 3 skaters. I have a Squirt, Mite, & a HIP skater who I am hoping to transition to Mini-Mites next season. 

I homeschool my babies alongside various lines of work including, rental property owner, homesteader, farm work, food customer service industry, & a private care giver. I am running for the board because I care deeply about the integrity of everything I do & am involved in. I see a lot of potential growth & improvement within this great family oriented organization. I am smart, reliable, compatible, & committed in serving the longevity of our association. 

Tyler Morrow

My name is Tyler Morrow, I am currently serving on the board and am hopeful to serve the association with another term. My son, Jax, will be a second year PeeWee in fall. You have likely seen me around the rink in various capacities, as I try to help out wherever needed.

I have been a head coach for my son's teams the last 5 years. Being a head coach, while simultaneously serving on the board has provided a unique perspective into the association. My goals have been derived from my observations the last several seasons. This term my goals as a board member are to focus on increased quality communication throughout the association, resource utilization, leadership and coaching accountability, and increasing overall competitiveness amongst teams to align with the association's growth.  

My primary focus as a coach and board member is to facilitate a safe and fun space for players to grow in skill and as individuals.

Robert Pinkerton

My name is Robert Pinkerton. I currently have two children playing hockey, Trevor a peewee and Addison a mite. I have served the board in several capacities over the years including Safesport Coordinator, Vice President and most recently President. Through my involvement I have gained a large network of resources at the association level as well as the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey. I chose to run for re-election of what would be my third term because I feel I still have alot to offer the association. I have always made it a priority to make myself available by phone, email and most importantly in person to all levels. I also believe no matter what the situation there is always room for change and improvement.  

Simon Sparks

My name is Simon Sparks, and I am seeking your vote for the MCYHA Board for the first time. I am originally from England and have lived stateside for the last 11 years. I work for a major energy company as a Senior Technical Project Manager, overseeing all IT Infrastructure and operational projects.

My son started playing hockey a year ago, and we have grown to love the game as a family. As a board member, I would bring my enthusiasm to hockey and sports in general. Sport at this level is extremely important not only for kids' enjoyment but also for their growth as people.

I am an assistant coach with the Manitotowc Soccer program, coaching kids between 5 and 8 years of age. I also coached both the U14 and U16 football teams (Soccer) back in England.

Being a member of any sports organization is a tough job, but one I know I can add value to, based on my years of experience playing and coaching sports and my new love of hockey. I look forward to helping grow and support this great game of hockey in any way I can.

Tanya Sy

My son, Wyatt recently finished his last year as a Mite. We started our hockey season in 2019, when he started in HIP. In the recent past, I served as team manager for my son’s Mite team and recently as equipment manager. For the last 16 years, I have been a Care Manager for a local Non-Profit organization. My years as a Care Manager have provided me with critical thinking skills, empathy, transparency, and loyalty. I enjoy volunteering my time at my son’s school, at Church and at the Valders Fireman’s annual picnic. I also served as Secretary for the Valders Community Chest. I would like to join the board to help with providing input, improving communication, assisting with, and implementing new ideas and offering help and support. I would love to see this organization grow and be the best it can be for our kids.

Laura Ziemer

Hello, my name is Laura Ziemer, mom of Garrett Ziemer, who has been playing hockey since 2016. It has been amazing watching him grow, gain friendships, and love the game of hockey. Over the years there have been many ups and downs witnessed within the organization, and I feel there is room for change and improvement. Many things can be implemented to make everyone's hockey experience a success. When we are not in hockey season, I am the Commissioner of the Miracle League of the Lakeshore, a youth baseball league for individuals with Special needs. We will be celebrating our 10th season. I have run successful fundraisers, asked organizations for money, and have created ways to continue to help our league grow. I am also a teacher and understand development in all ages. 

I believe everyone has great knowledge and working together to utilize our resources will make for a successful organization. I would use my knowledge to help build the organization, and implement creative ways to have the community continue to help support the organization. I think it is important to have goals in place as to the vision of the organization. Thank you for this opportunity!

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