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Rink Advertising

Advertising in the Manitowoc County Ice Center

The Manitowoc County Youth Hockey Association (MCYHA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that operates based solely on volunteers. We are responsible for all ice maintenance and program administration at the Manitowoc County Ice Center (MCIC) from October through March. Volunteers are a combined effort between the MCYHA and the Manitowoc County Figure Skating Club.The MCIC offers skating to those who wish to learn, as well as those wishing to pursue participation in hockey, figure skating, and recreational skating at an affordable rate.  The MCIC is also available on a rental basis to groups wishing to rent ice time or dry floor space in the off season.

The MCYHA is 100% self-funded by registrations, fundraising, soliciting donations, and sponsorships. We teach skills to approximately 110 skaters each year ranging from ages 4-14. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for area residents to learn and enjoy the game of ice hockey, providing for the maximum development of each participant.  Companies that advertise in the MCIC directly benefit our program by providing desperately needed funding that reduces our cost of ice rental. The funding also allows us to provide financial assistance to less fortunate skaters in our community.

We offer several rink advertising options, the details of which can be found on our Ice Center Advertising Agreement. Advertisements in the rink are seen by approximately 60,000 people each year. This includes visiting hockey teams and families, figure skating families, public skaters, and all spectators of these sports during the season. If the advertisement is a wall sign, it will be visible during dry floor events throughout the remainder of the year. These events include the Manitowoc County Fair, Rummage-a-Rama, Manitowoc Home Show, and others.The advertiser's logo and link are included on the Sponsors page of the MCYHA website, which is seen repeatedly by our hockey families and visitors to the site. We will also promote your company on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Lastly, we host several tournaments throughout the season, which bring in spectators from NE Wisconsin and beyond. A tournament program ad is included with our In-Ice advertising, or available separately as a donation.

Please consider advertising in the Manitowoc County Ice Center.  We appreciate your support!


If you are interested in advertising at the rink at this point in the season, we have the second version of our contract available until February 1st. The time period still covers six months in 2018, but the dates are split up from January-March and September-December.

Maura Berry